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Judge Orders Sanity Test for Swedish Anti-semite; Aaberg Case Discussed in Parliament

The trial of Einar Aaberg, Swedish anti-Semite ##ose publications are circulated in many countries, was adjourned after the initial ##aring when the presiding judge ordered that Aaberg be given a psychiatric examination.

Prior to adjournment, Aaberg had testified that he received financial support from some Swedes, but none from abroad. He said that his anti-Semitic pamphlets ##re circulated in the United States, Britain, France, South America and Australia.

Although it is doubted that action can be taken against Aaberg under present Swedish law, a new bill proposed by the government which would outlaw “material of obsecene, lascivious and immoral character” is expected to be broad enough to ##ver anti-Jewish literature, according to Minister of Justice Herman Zetterberg, who discussed the case in Parliament last week. The minister called for education in ?lerance. His statement was criticized as “too vague” by a Communist deputy, who ?ged the passage of stronger legislation against anti-Semitism.