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Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations Asks United Nations to Outlaw Genocide

Declaring that the adoption of a Convention on ##enocide by the United Nations, which would make genocide a crime under international law, would be an event of great historic significance, the Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations urged its early implementation in its proposals to the United Nations Economic and Social Council which were made public today.The Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations, which has official consultant status with the U.N. Economic and Social Council, is composed of the Alliance ##sraelite Universelle of France, the American Jewish Committee and the Anglo-Jewish Association of Great Britain.The CCJO also proposed that the preamble of the Draft Convention on Genocide be ##mended to include in the definition of genocide “the intentional destruction of a group of human beings whether the crime is committed on religious, racial, political, ##or any other grounds.” The Convention for the prevention and punishment of genocide will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly when it convenes at Flushing ##eadows in September.