Refugees Settle Down to “Normal” Life on Shipboard As Deadlock Continues
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Refugees Settle Down to “Normal” Life on Shipboard As Deadlock Continues

The 4,500 Exodus refugees today completed the first week of their sit-down strike aboard the three British prison ships, determined more than ever not to disembark on any but Palestinian soil.

As apparently neither the British nor the French governments have issued new astructions to their officials concerning the fate of the immigrants, the Jews have sttled down to as normal a life as possible on shipboard. Classes have been instituted for the several hundred children, and four teachers are holding forth on a number of subjects.

Despite choppy seas, which make transshipment of supplies difficult, the refugees’ diet is improving steadily. In fact it has become so good, that they are now presenting their soldier guards with baskets of fruit sent by various relief organizations.

Three doctors and three nurses, one team to each boat, have been caring for the sick since yesterday. They have been sent by the International Red Cross and will remain at least as long as the vesaels stay in port. The medical teams have been assured that they may remain when the convey sets sail again.

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