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Camps Near Soviet Frontier in Germany Prepared by British for Exodus Refugees

More than ten thousand German and Polish refugees were moved today by the British authorities in Germany from two camps along the Soviet border in Schleswig-Holstein to make room for the 4,400 Exodus refugees who be expected to land at Hamburg next week.

Preparations are being made to house about 3,000 of the Jews at Poppendorf ##d the remainder in Am Stau. The camps are being altered to house families in one camp and single people in the other. German police at present guarding the camp are ###ing withdrawn and replaced by British troops.

Military government conferences have been going on for several days to prevent any incidents at the disembarkation. Although British troops who will meet the transportation ships at the port here will be unarmed, military precautions have nevertheless been mapped out. The refugees, upon landing, will travel to the camps by ##ain from Hamburg.