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Al of Four Jewish Dp’s Charged with Assaulting Two American Soldiers Opens

The trial of four Jewish DP’s charged with assaulting two American soldiers at a camp near here opened today. The soldiers, were the first to testify, admitted that they had been drinking the night of the (?)ident in a soldiers’ club where there had also been talk of “DP hunting.”

Denying that they had been drunk, the two said they had gone, individually, (?)ards the camp when they heard a commotion there. One soldier declared that a (?)up of DP’s grabbed him and took him into the camp but did not molest him. The (?)er American testified, however, that he had been struck several times after having on seized and brought into the camp.

Neither of the two witnesses could identify any of the four DP defendants as (##)ving participated in the “abduction.” The prosecution which is expected to com(?)te its case tomorrow, introduced a German woman witness who “thought” she saw two the Jews in the crowd of DP’s at the time of the assault, but said she could not sure.

The trial will be adjourned after tomorrow’s session until next Tuesday.