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American Jewish Congress Demands U.S. Lead Drive for U.N. Approval of Jewish State

The United States Government must give active leadership to those forces in the United Nations which support the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, it was stated here last night in a resolution adopted by the executive committee of the American Jewish Congress.

The resolution, which was introduced by Dr. Stephen S. Wise, said in part: “We must build our efforts upon the fact that our government in all its actions up to this time has prepared the way for American support of the Zionist purposes and program. This is the hour. The eyes of the world are fixed not only upon the United Nations Assembly which records the decision of governments, but above all upon our own American Government. Our Government, building upon the pledges and the promises of yesterday, must in this critical hour give such active leadership to the forces bent upon the establishment of a Jewish State as shall be decisive and final. We do not ask that America shall claim the right to reach the decision for Jewish freedom and sovereignty in Palestine. We do demand that America shall be true to its promises in this hour.”