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Special Session of Congress to Aid Europe and Curb Inflation Urged by Jewish Women

Immediate Congressional action to relieve the economic crisis in Europe and to curb the mounting cost of living in this country was urged upon President Truman today by Mrs. Joseph M. Welt, of Detroit, President of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Only by calling a special session of Congress, Mrs. Welt contended, can action be taken in time to avert a disaster both abroad and in the United States. Unless immediate assistance is provided. Europe, “we will be faced by a poverty-stricken and unstable world, hostile to us and everything we represent; a world in which freedom and civil liberties would soon die. The European economic crisis is not the only reason that a special session of Congress is needed immediately,” she added. “The continual, dizzy rise of prices in our own country is reason enough for calling Congress into session before the end of September.”