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Mg Sentences Two Jewish Dp’s in Austria to Ten-year Terms for Threatening Policemen

Two Jewish DP’s have been sentenced to ten years emprisonment by an American Military Government Court in Linz on charges of having threatened to use force against several Austrian policemen. The threats were allegedly made when the Jews were seized by policemen after they were caught stealing pears from a farm.

During the course of the trial the prosecution demanded severe punishment for the two Jews “in order to show the Austrian people that the American military courts in Austria hand down sentences without regard to the defendant’s political viewpoint or nationality.”

Meanwhile, Austrian police officials are investigating a letter sent to Dr. ##tto Wolken, chief physician at the Rothschild Hospital who recently exposed the unauthorized medical experiments carried out on Jewish children at the Steinhef Hospital. The letter was signed by the “S.S. Sturmstaffel Southeast.” It read as follows: “We put you on our list and you know what that means.”