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Rumanian Premier Promises to Intervene to Prevent Shutdown of Jewish Schools, Canteens

Premier Petros Groza today promised a Jewish delegation that he would take action to aid Jewish charitable and educational institutions in Rumania, which are virtually without funds.

The Jewish delegation pointed out that due to inadequate funds, Jewish schools and philanthropic institutions in all parts of the country faced the possibility of an immediate shutdown. They notified Groza that a number of relief canteens had already been forced to close. The delegation, which included representatives of all Jewish organizations in Rumania, was led by Dr. William Fildermann.

Mishu Benvenisti, president of the Rumanian Zionist Organization, today issued a statement to the press declaring that “Rumanian Jews” drive for Palestine emigration is not a result of racial discrimination or political persecution here, but is motivated by the Jewish people’s determination to build their own fatherland.” Benvenisti added that the Rumanian Government was engaged in constant efforts to stamp out anti-Semitism and had granted the Zionist Organization complete freedom of action.