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House Immigration Group Will Ask I.r.o. to Call Special Parley to Set Refugee Quotas

The House Immigration sub-committee which recently ##ured displaced persons camps in Europe will request the International Refugee Organization to call a special conference about Nov. 15, in order to decide how many refugees such of the member countries should admit, it was disclosed here today by Rep. Frank Shelf, Kentucky Republican, a member of the sub-committee.

Chelf had said earlier this week that the sub-committee believed that the DP question could be placed before the U.N. General Assembly immediately so that body could apportion the 700,000 DP’s on a pro-rata basis. However, after he conferred with ##der-Secretary of State Robert Lovett and Assistant Secretary of State Charles E. ##ltzman, he stated that the sub-committee now favored a special I.R.O. parley instead.Chelf is at present trying to contact Rep. Hugh Fulton, another sub-committee member, who is now in Italy, to ask that he return to Geneva and request I.R.O. director William Tuck to call such a meeting, his office said. It is hoped that two senators, two Congressmen and two State Department representatives will attend the conference.