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National Lawyers Guild Endorses Unscop Partition Paln; Offers Amendments in Brief

A brief supporting the partition of Palestine as commended by the U.N. Special Committee on Palestine has been filed with the American delegation to the U.N., through the State Department, by the National Lawyers did committee on international law and relations, it was announced today.

Stating that the UNSCOP majority plan “offers the most practicable solution ?gested at this time,” the brief recommends that a multi-national authority admini?er Palestine during the interim period and that a definite date be set for the with?val of British troops from the country and the earliest creation of an international forcement body under U.N. supervision to protect minorities in the respective pro?sed states during the interim period.

It also suggests that Jewish immigration to the Jewish state during the transi? period should be determined by the Jewish Agency and that certain geographical ?nges be made in the territory and borders of the two states as proposed by UNSCOP.