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Haganah Denies Intent to Forcibly Crush Irgun; Won’t Attack Extremists Posting Leaflets

A spokesman for the Haganah today denied Irgun charges that the Haganah has decided to liquidate the extremists by any means, and disclosed that Haganah units have been ordered not to attack Irgunists posting leaflets.

He added that the Haganah still maintained the right to tear down the leaflets or paste over them and would continue to combat the extremists along the lines laid down at the Zurich meeting of the Zionist Actions Committee. He promised that the Haganah would cease action against the dissidents if the latter cease “extortions, attacks and intimidations.”

Meanwhile, several Irgun leaders were beaten up today, while yesterday Irgunists attacked Haganah commanders and fired on Haganah vehicles. Twenty prominent merchants have received letters from the Irgun demanding large contributions. They have been assured that the Haganah will furnish protection for them and their shops.

Joshua Zorfati, a 34-year-old automobile dealer from Jerusalem, was seriously wounded today when he was shot by two unidentified Jewish youths on one of the main streets of Tel Aviv. A woman by-stander was wounded in the leg. Zorfati alleged that his assail ants were Sternists.