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Asks Congress to Act on Recommendations of Commission on Higher Education

The recent report of the President’s Commission ##igher Education was praised as “a courageous and forthright appraisal of some of ##aknesses in American higher education,” in a wire sent to President Truman to##by Judge Joseph M. Proskauer, president of the American Jewish Committee, who ### Congressional action on the Commission’s recommendations.The wire stressed the report’s “utter rejection of discriminatory admission ##as maintained by many American colleges and universities,” and lauded the declarationally accessible to all, without regard to race, creed, sex or national origin.” ##AJC termed the report “a fitting complement” to the recent report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights, and declared that “the implemenation of these ##c contemporary charters of democracy will have a profound effect on the strenght of the democratic system in the United States and throughout the world.”