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?bs in Canda Deny They Are Recruiting Volunteers for Palestine Among Veterans

A denial that Arabs in Canada are recruting volun?rs for their “people’s army” to fight partition, was made by M.S. Massoud, president ? the so-called Canadian Arab Friendship League, who simultaneously, threatened that ? Arab world would “remember” Lester B. Pearson and Justice C. Rand, the Canadian ?egates to the United Nations.

“The Canadian Government,” Massoud said, “at one time favored the creation of ? Federated State of Palestine, which had at least some resemblance to a democratic ?lution. Unfortunately, the Canadian delegates, Mr. Pearson and Mr. Rand, changed ?at official opinion of the Government. Instead of the democratic solution these ?ntlemen did their utmost to impose upon the Arabs the infamous partition scheme.”

The report that Arabs were offering bribes to Canadian veterans to serve in the ?ople’s army” appeared in a Western Canadian publication.