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Half of All Jews in Europe and Africa Require Relief, Survey Establishes

Almost 50 percent of all the Jews living in Europe and Africa are in need of relief, according to a survey made public here today by the ##rld Jewish Congress. The survey, which does not include the Soviet Union, estimates that of a total of about 1,714,000 Jews living in Rumania, Hungary, Germany, France, ##land, Italy, Austria, Greece, Trieste, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripolitania, at least 798,500 are considered in need.

The survey says that there is a general need of warm clothing for men, women and children, particularly in view of an anticipated hard winter. Food items, such as ##owdered milk, dried eggs, cocoa, fats, sugar, rice and chocolates are also required. ##ost urgently needed are medicaments, such as liver drugs, vitamin pills, penicillin ##nd calcium. Kurt R. Grossman, executive director of Congress’ Committee for Overseas Relief Supplies, also reported today that in Poland, Austria, Berlin, and Greece, there still remain 12,257 Jewish children, or 8.1 percent of the total Jewish population of 154,593 in those areas.