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British Navy Reported Shadowing Blockade Runners Pan York and Pan Crescent

Dispatches reaching here from Athens report that British naval craft are shadowing the Palestine blockade runners, Pan Crescent and Pan York, which are in the Aegean Sea en route to Palestine, with nearly 15,000 visaless Jews aboard.

A letter from 14 Labor MP’s appearing in the Times this morning appeals to Britain not to shirk its responsibilities if it is called upon by the United Nations to put down violence in Palestine.

The letter points out that should the Security Council decide to invoke the Article of the U.N. Charter which deals with breaches of the peace, it would be compelled to call on member nations for aid, since it has no armed forces of its own. The MP’s suggest that the British delegation at Lake Success make clear immediately that “we mean business when we say that we are seeking to base our foreign policy upon the United Nations.”