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Gestapo Leader Sentenced in Poland for “liquidating” Ghettos; Nazi Generals Face Trial

Gestapo leader Dr. Herman Ruprecht, convicted of “liquidating” the ghettos of Otwock and Radzimin, was sentenced here today by a Polish court to fifteen years imprisonment. He was delivered to the Polish authorities by the American Military Government in Germany.

The British military authorities in Germany today surrendered to Poland German Major General Hubert Boetcher, who, as leader of Nazi Elite units, conducted the extermination of the Jews of Radom. He will be tried soon before a Polish court at Radom.

Another German military leader, Gen. Walter Rudolf Guetaw Keuck, will be brought to trial in Lodz, charged with ordering the extermination of Jews in the Lodz and Poznan districts. Gen. Keuck was commandant of the Lodz ghetto during the Nazi occupation.