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?o. Protests to Italian Government Against Unexplained Jailing of Jewish Refugees

The International Refugee Organization mission here protested to the Italian government against the arrest this week of 11 Jewish Refugees at a DP camp in Bari. The 11 were among 28 seized at the camp in a raid by Italian police and transferred to a concentration camp at Frascetta.

The head of the national police, Guisseppe Ferrari, refused to give any information concerning the arrests to Rafaele Cantoni, president of the Union of Jewish Unities. It is known that the list of those arrested was prepared by the alien ?ion of Ferrari’s department.

Dr. Umberto Nachon, former Jewish Agency representative in Italy, met to? with Randolfo Pacciandi, newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister, who assured Dr. ?on that Italy will be among the first nations to recognize the new Jewish state ? it is established. Dr. Nachon said that most of the 25,000 Jewish refugees in ?ly will eventually go to Palestine and denied the allegation in the anti-Semitic newspaper Momento Sera that there are 500,000 Jewish refugees in Italy.