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Two Nazis Responsible for Death of Thousands of Jews Get Death Sentence in Poland

S. Pawlowsky, one of the top officials of the Sachenhausen and Dachau death camps, who was responsible for the death of some 65,000 persons, mostly Jews, was sentenced to death today by the Stettin war crimes tribunal. At the same time, the district court in Wroclaw announced the death sentence of Joseph Kasianezuk, a Ukrainian, who played an active part in directing the massacre of the Jews of Brody, in Eastern Poland.

Meanwhile, Kurt Alfred Fischer, who drew up the plan for liquidating the Warsaw Ghetto, which resulted in the death of 58,000 Jews, has been brought here to stand trial for his crimes. After V-E Day, he succeeded in persuading the occupation authorities that he had been anti-Nazi and was appointed commandant of a German P.O.W. camp at Darmstadt, but was arrested when he was recognized by a former inmate of the Buchenwald concentration camp.