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Palestine Revisionist Leader Says Jews Will Begin All-out Fight if Arabs Not Checked

“Unless the United Nations and the United States will act to check Arab aggression immediately, the Jews of Palestine will be compelled to abandon their present policy and launch an all-out fight for the whole of Palestine,” Dr. Arieh Altman, president of the United Zionists-Revisionists of Palestine, who has just arrived in this country, told a news conference here today.

The head of the second largest political party in Palestine stated that “The Jews of Palestine, the Middle East and Europe, whose national interest is closely linked with the Western democracies, are being pushed by stupid and arrogant British policy into the arms of Soviet Russia.”

Dr. Altman pointed out that “those who know the facts realize that at the time the Arabs declared war in Palestine, the Jews were strong enough to capture the entire country, but if instead they practiced the policy of self-restraint, it was in the hope that the world would help implement the United Nations decision.”