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Army Refuses to Give Dp Status to Recent Refugees; Orders Eviction from Dp Camps

Gen. Lucius D. Clay, U.S. commander in Europe, today flatly rejected requests by Jewish leaders here to grant official DP status to Jewish refugees who entered the American zone of Germany after April 21, 1947, and at the same time ordered the recent arrivals to move out of the Jewish DP camps in which they are now living into German refugee centers.

The appeal “by Jewish leaders that the approximately 1,000 Jewish refugees from Hungary and Rumania affected by this ruling be permitted to live in a camp apart from German DP’s was also turned down. No date for the transfer of the Jews has been set. Dr. William Haber, advisor on Jewish affairs to the U.S. command in Europe, conferred with Gen. Clay on the question of the so-called “illegal” DP’s last week.