German Government in Bavaria Charged with “dissipating” Jewish Property
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German Government in Bavaria Charged with “dissipating” Jewish Property

The charge that property belonging to Jew and other who were persecuted in Germany during, the Nazi regime is now being “dissipated” by the Bavarian Government was made today by Dr. Philip Auerbach, Commissioner for Racial and Political Persecutes in Bavaria.

In a protest submitted to the Bavarian Minister-President Hans Ehard, Dr. Auerbach pointed out that the Kugelfischer firm in Schweinfurt will receive 120 machines from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics, which, he said, came from the Dachau concentration camp and belong to former camp inmates.

The Leipzig Radio, a German station in the Soviet zone, today reported that the German zonal Ministry of Justice is preparing a uniform restitution law for the ?tire zone. The broadcast added that the new law would replace the various measures now in effect in the zone and that it would probably be modeled on the American restitution law.

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