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Jewish Jews in Austria Discuss Return to Poland As Result of New U.S. Stand on Palestine

The news that the U.S. Government has abandoned Palestine partition cane as a great shock to the 22, 000 Jewish refugees in Austria ## resulted in discussions among Polish Jews of the possibility of returning to Policed.

Rumanian Jewish refugees are, on the other hand, flatly refusing even to consider the idea of returning to Rumania. They say that the latest information reaching them from home reveals that the economic situation of the Jews in Rumania is ###wing worse from day to day. Letters from relatives in Rumania speak of drawing the attention of Jewish leaders abroad to the fact that the situation of the Jews in Rumania is “alarming.”

Neverthless, informed circles here expect a decrease in the influx of Rumanian Jews to Austria. They point out thatnow, when America has changed its stand on Palestine it would be easier for Jews to find their way to Palestine from Rumania directly rather than through the American zones of Austria and Germany.