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New York Rabbis Hold Special Service for Palestine; Protest U.S. Policy Reversal

The new U.S. policy on Palestine was termed today “an act of betrayal” by Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis at a special “Service of Prayer and Intercession” arranged by the New York Board of Rabbis at Temple Ansche Chesed here. Dr. Abba Hillel Silver and Rabbi David de Sola Pool were among the speakers.

The board, which represents the Orthodox Conservative and Reform Rabbinates, adopted a resolution expressing “profound shock and deep grief of the American Government’s reversal policy” with respect to the partition of Palestine.

“It is the conviction of the New York Board of Rabbis that this act is a betrayal of the hope of the Jewish people that has been fortified by the conscience of humanity speaking through the United Nations,” the resolution continued. “It is also a gross surrender to force. Such a surrender threatens the destruction of the hope of humanity in the U.N., an instrument for preserving peace and promoting Justice for all peoples. We call upon the Truman administration to recall the reversal and to return to the plan, approved by the General Assembly of the U.N.”