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25,000 Cyprus Detainees to Be Freed when Palestine Mandate Ends, Foreign Office Says

The more than 25,000 Jews detained to Cyprus will be freed when the Palestine Mandate terminates, a Foreign Office spokesman declared today. After May 15, he said, the detainees will be free to leave the island since grounds for their detention will no longer be valid.

A report from Cyprus says t hat Jewish Agency officials here estimate that they can absorb 10,000 Immigrants monthly in Palestine, but it is doubtful that sufficient shipping will be available to transfer the detainees that speedily. The British, who intend to provide naval protection for the Jewish transports, estimate that the entire operation may take between four and five months.

Reuters today reported from Rome that 10 planes allegedly owned by Jewish forces in Palestine have been grounded in Italy by the Italian Air Ministry. The report said that the planes, fitted with guns, were mostly flown by Irish pilots.