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Attlee Marks End of Mandate with Farewell Massage to Palestine High Commissioner

Prime Minister Clement R. Attlee today sent Palestine High Commissioner Sir Alan G. Cunningham a farewell message of gratitude to the Palestine Administration on the occasion of the termination of the British Mandate this Saturday.

“The high hopes with which we took up the Mandate have not been fulfilled,” the message said. “We say farewell to the peoples of Palestine under conditions tragically different from those to which it has been our purpose to lead them.

“But even in this time of our greatest disappointment, when so much of constructive work done over so many years for the benefit of all communities is threatened with destruction, the officers of the Palestine service do not have cause for an y sense of personal failure,” the message continued. “History will honor their achievements. Faced by the most intractable problem, rewarded by baseless calumnies, imputations of partiality and often personal danger, they have established traditional, legal public services which should be of lasting value to successive authorities.”