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Palestine Situation Increases Anti-semitism in England, London Rabbi Reports

Asserting that there is more anti-Jewish prejudice in England now than ever before and that the Jews in Arab countries are being treated as “hostile foreigners,” Rabbi Israel Mattuck of London today told the annual meeting of the New York chapter of the American Council for Judaism that “an artificially stimulated nationalist emotionalism” can create a crisis for the Jews of the world.

“Recent developments in Britain give a plain warning of the dangers that attend Zionist nationalism,” Rabbi Mattock said. “The general attitude in Britain to the wards the Jews has undergone a clear change, The professed anti-Semites have exploited to the utmost the Palestinian troubles to foster animosity against the Jews. They have so far succeeded that the Jewish community of Britain is very disturbed. The Christians who are interested in promoting good relations between Jews and Christians share in the apprehension. There is more anti-Jewish prejudice in England now than ever before. Much of the increase can clearly be traced to the trouble in Palestine and the attacks on Britain by political Zionists in other lands.”

Declaring that the non-Zionists want two things for Palestine — peace and the possibility of Jewish immigration — he insisted that it must be recognized that peace is possible “only if nationalist claims are abated.” Finally he asserted that “if the Jews of Palestine need help they will have the same claim to our charity as Jews in other lands who need help. If the Jews of Palestine are constituted into a state of their own, it will be their state without any claim to the allegiance of Jews in other lands.” Other speakers were Leasing J. Rosenwald, national president of the Council; Dr. Virginia. C. Gildersleeve, chairman of the Committee for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land; and Dr. Paul Hutchison, editor of the Christian Century.