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Last Minute News U.N. Suspends Palestine Commission; Reduces Role of U.N. Commissioner to Mediator

The United nations Palestine sub-committee today adopted a revised U.S. resolution which reduces the role of the proposed U.N. commissioner to that of a mediator. (See earlier report on U.S. resolution on page3.)

While it does not openly recognize the fact that a Jewish state is about to the proclaimed, the new draft directs the mediator to “take account of the present situation” and scribes out all references to the Security Council resolutions calling for a political truce.

In addition, the passage dealing with agreement between Arabs and Jews on the future government of Palestine has been deleted. This meets some of the objections ##lsed by the Jewish Agency. Instead, the mediator is authorized to promote a “peaceful adjustment of the situation.”

Finally the Palestine Commission is not to be discharged but suspended on fortune 1. This was done to permit the Commission to wind up business affecting such non-political matters as food supply, the future of the Palestine currency board and government assets. Most of the pro-partition countries abstained throughout the paragraph by paragraph voting.

The plan now goes before the Political Committee for adoption and will be finally approved tomorrow at a plenary session of the General Assembly.