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Jewish War Veterans Prevent to Mosleyites from Holding Meeting in Jewish Report Area

More than 200 Jewish war veterans, in an attempt to prevent the holding of an anti-Semitic meeting, attacked a Mosleyite procession today at Brighton, popular seaside resort frequented by Jews. Open-air addresses were scheduled by two of Britain’s most notorious anti-Semites, Geoffrey Hamm and Raven Thompson, after the procession reached the speakers’ rostrum, but the outbreak of violence and the subsequent arrival of the police upset their plans.

At least five of the pro-fascist marchers were removed to the hospital after police, wielding clubs in an attempt to break up numerous fist-fights, ordered the proposed meeting called off and the Mosleyites’ loudspeaker vans removed from the Brighton area.

Meanwhile, Morgan Phillips, general secretary of the British Labor Party, has been recalled to London from a Socialist conference in Vienna to help deal with four major issues, including Palestine, which threaten to split the Party and the Cabinet, press repots here said today.