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Laskif’s Article Hitting Britainf’s Palestine Policy Provokes Interest in London

Harold J. Laski’s all-out attack on the British Government’s Palestine policy, released this week-end by the Overseas News Agency in the American press, provoked great interest in London. Typical extracts from the article are published without comment in many newspapers. The Sunday Chronicle reported that Sir Alexander Cadogan, chief British delegate to the U.N., sent a copy of the article to the Foreign Office. Other newspapers emphasized the damage which Britain’s prestige has suffered as a result of the government’s pro-Arab policies. The widely-circulated Sunday paper, News of the World, predicted “the approaching end of Bevin’s administration at Lake Success.”

Declaring that Britain’s handling of the Palestine situation since the Palestine Mandate’s termination “raised a storm of criticism and abuse in the United States of which the British public was only faintly aware, “Laski’s article recalled that “Bevin staked his political future on finding a solution to the Palestine problem. The stake is lost.”