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Jews in Riot-torn Moroccan Town Seek Reguge in European Quarters; French Troops Alerted

The Jewish residents of Oujda and Djerada, in French Morocco, where 44 Jews were killed and 55 wounded yesterday during anti-Jewish Arab outbreaks, are seeking refuge in the European quarters of those towns, it was reported here today. In Oujda, where mob looting of Jewish shops was particularly heavy, officials have ordered a midnight curfew. Arrests of persons responsible for the violence are still continuing.

Scrawled slogans threatening the Jews in the Moroccan towns with death appeared overnight on walls in scattered sections of the two towns. French troops were ordered to stand by in other cities and towns in the country to prevent a recurrence of the outbreak, while a military air squadron flew low over the riot areas, as a warning to the Arabs to refrain from a repetition of yesterday’s pogrom.