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Palestine Cease-fire Effective Today; Fighting Continues on All Fronts Until Deadline

Fighting continued on all Palestine fronts today as the deadline for the United National four-week cease-fire approached. The truce in to go into effect at 2 A.M. tomorrow.

Fighting was particularly heavy on the northern front where Syrian units have been attacking in the Mishmar HaYarden sector in an attempt to straighten out their lines before the truce halts all operations. An Israeli communique revealed that Jewish planes bombed Bint Jabbail, five miles inside Lebanese territory yesterday. On the Palestine side of the northern border Lebanese forces attacked Jewish-held Ramath the Palestine side of the northern border Lebanese forces attacked Jewish-held Ramath Haphtali and the Nebiyusha police station, a fortress which dominates several major roads in western Galilee. Jewish artillery soon scattered the Arab infantry which was supported by artillery.

In the south, the Egyptians trapped in the Ishdud-Yibneh pocket for over a week made a new attempt to break out. The battle is now on for control of a main road which could be used to evacuate the badly mauled Arab infantry.

The Israelis have occupied the former British airfield at Ramath David, some 15 miles southeast of Tel Aviv. In the same area, two Egyptian Spitfires and two Jewish fighter planes engaged in a dogfight in the skies over Rehovoth. One Egyptian plane was shot down near the town within three minutes and the second soon limped away in such condition as to make observers believe it would not reach its base. Early this morning Tel Aviv had two air alerts as enemy planes came into view, but no bombs

On the central front Iraqi artillery commenced shelling Ramath Hakovesh, near Kfar Sabu, several hours after Arab acceptance of the cease-fire terms was announced. In mopping up operations in Galilee Jewish patrols fround a number of Arab villages completely abandoned.

In Jerusalem Arab artillery bombarded the southern suburbs of Talpioth and Ramath Rachel. A mortar duel developed in the city after Arab Legionnaires opened fire on Jewish positions with large four-inch mortars. For about six hours this morning Jerusalem Jews enjoyed a peaceful existence while both sides halted firing to permit a Red Cross convoy to leave for Amman, capital of Transjordan. Toward the end the Legionnaires began shelling the convoy which was waiting near the Jewish lines for an Israeli military clearance.