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Arab Radio Station Transferred from Palestine to Cyprus, Bevin Admits in Parliament

Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin admitted in parliament today that there is an Arab radio station operating in Cyprus, but denied that either the Foreign Office or the Cyprus governor is responsible for it.

Members of Commons were astonished to hear Bevin disclose that the station originally operated in Palestine, but moved to Cyprus “for technical reasons.” The Foreign Secretary also admitted under questioning that some of the station’s broadcasts were “rather unwise.”

Commenting on the recent exchange of notes between the U.S. and Syria and Egypt on the latter two countries’ maritime blockade of Palestine, a Foreign Office spokesman said to Say that Britain had informed the Syrian and Egyptian Governments come time ago that it considers the blockade of Palestine’s coast “as not being in accord with international law.”

The spokesman added that Britain “reserved its position on blockade and that no further communication between the British Government and the Arab states has taken place so far.