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British Government Refuses to Extradite Polish War Criminal Who Experimented on Humans

The British foreign office which last month agreed to the extradition of Dr. Wladislaw Dehring to Poland to stand trial as a war criminal has apparently changed its mind and will permit Dehring to remain at large in the British zone of Germany, it was revealed here today. The Polish consulate here has been informed that the extradition proceedings have been postponed by the Home Office.

Dehring, a Pole who was interned in the notorious Oswiecim death come, is charged with having performed 17,000 experimental operations on concentration camp prisoners. The prosecution’s case is built partially on the testimony of prisoners at Oswiecim, including several Polish doctors and the present Polish prime Minister, Joseph Cyrankiewicz. The witnesses stated that Dehring boasted that he had performed these 17,000 operations with a record of 100 percent mortality.

Sixteen thousand of his human guinea pigs were, according to his boasts, perfectly healthy before they were operated upon. He is also reported to have performed to sterilization experiments on men within a two-hour period. For his “services” the Hazis freed him from the camp and him an honorary German.