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No Arab-jewish Round-table Parley is Planned, U.N. Mediator Reports to Security Council

Count Folke Bernadotte, the U.N. mediator, today shed a narrow ray of light on his “suggestions for a possible approach to the peaceful adjustment of the future situation of Palestine,” in a report which he cabled to the Security Council.

He disclosed that while the Arabs and Israelis had teen invited to send representatives to his Rhodes headquarters, no round-table conference or joint meeting between the two parties is now being contemplated.

The representatives will go to Rhodes–or Bernadotte will visit Cairo and Tel Aviv–to discus with him the suggestions outlined in three brief papers which were submitted to the Jewish and Arab negotiators two days ago, and to offer counter suggestions. Bernadotte emphasized that his peace plan is a tentative one “with a primary view to discovering if there may be found a common ground on which further discussions and mediation can proceed.”

The mediator did not convey the terms of his proposals to the Security Council. These would be withheld, he said, until the counter-suggestions or comments of both sides had been received.