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Arab Legion Recalls Troops to Battle Stations; Israel Cabinet Delays; Reply to Mediator

The Arab Legion suddenly cancelled all leaves and ordered all of its officers and men to return to their battle posts, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today from Jewish military sources.

It was also learned that the Israeli Cabinet which has been meeting daily to consider U.N. mediator Count Folke Bernadotte’s peace proposals will not make a final decision until Sunday.

Addressing a meeting in Haifa’s Port Square, called to celebrate the final evacuation of British troops from Palestine, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion last night declared that the Jews’ strength is greater today than When the Arab invasion began. “We look to peace,” he declared, “but if peace does not come we are ready for war.”

Ben Gurion told the huge crowd at the rally that “today ended a chapter of deceitful, false rule.” However, he pointed put that the Jews had many reasons for being grateful for British assistance during the last 30 years. “If the British people can convince their government to end this armed war against us, we will forget this bitter chapter and the shameful White Paper,” he concluded.