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No Danger for Jews in Germany, U.S. Military Advisor on Jewish Affairs Declares

“There is no basis for the fear that anti-Semitic rioting is imminent in the U.S. zone of Germany,” Dr. William Hater, U.S. Military Government advisor on Jewish affairs, said here last night. “To my knowledge, Jewish displaced persons do not share that apprehension. They are confident of their security as long as they have the protection of United States occupation forces.”

His statement was made in reply to a report issued by the World Jewish Congress convention in Montreux that Germans were expected to start a wave of violence against Jewish displaced persons within a few days. Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian commissioner for racial persecutees, said: “There is a strong and increasing anti-Semitism in Germany.” He added, however, that he was not fearful of any general outbreak of rioting at this time.