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U.N. Security Council Adjourns Emergency Session on Palestine; Truce Expires Today

Following the Indication given by U.S. delegate Philip Jessup that the United States may demand the imposition of sanctions against the Arab states should they refuse to prolong the truce which expires at A.M. tomorrow, the U.N. Security Council adjourned its emergency meeting pending the receipt of additional information on the Arabs intentions.

Council president Dmitri Z. Manuilsky told the members to stand by for another emergency session over the week-end. He expressed the hope that more definitive information would be received tomorrow. (Details of the emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council are on Pages 1-2.)

Israeli representative to the United Nations Aubrey S. Eban made a long, eloquent appeal to the Council members for the imposition of sanctions against the peace ?iolators. He asked the U.N. to note that the Israeli Government had faithfully com?lied with the U.N.’s truce appeals. If Israel must fight, he said, it should be permitted to fight “free and unfettered,” Such a war, he declared, would not only be in defense of Israel, but in defense of the principles of the United Rations Charter.