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Arabs Begin Holding Action As Israeli Forces in Jerusalem Step Up Offensive Action

Arab forces in the Jerusalem sector today began a “holding action” for one-fourth of the city that still remains in their hands in the face of increasing pressure from a Jewish ring of steel and fire. Three preventive thrusts made during the night by the Arabs in an apparent effort to forestall an Israeli push on the hallowed square mile inside the Old City.

The Jews countered these Arab sallies with a pre-dawn demolition raid on the perimeter of the Jaffa Gate, a highly likely target for an assault on the walled quarter, Jewish mortars continued their relentless shelling of the Old City area, pouring in hundreds of shells from two and three-inch weapons, plus some shells from the monster mortar, “Davidka,” the Israeli secret weapon.

Israeli aircraft bombed Arab positions northwest of Jerusalem during the night, while enemy artillery and mortars laced the Jewish quarters with shells. No reports of casualties have has yet been divulged.