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American Jewish Congress Urges U.S. to Grant Israel De Jure Recognition, Lift Embargo

A message “calling upon the United States Government to take a forthright stand in the present Palestine crisis by granting de jure recognition to the state of Israel and by lifting the armbs embargo so as to render aid to all its embattled people” was sent last night to president Truman and Secretary of State George C. Marshal by the American Jewish Congress. The appeal was signed by Rabbi Irving Miller, chairman of the Congress executive committee.

The message also urged the U.S. “to brand the Arab states who resumed war in Palestine in flagrant disregard of the U.N. decision as aggressors and violators of the expressed will of the United Nations. We ask the U.S. to use its voice in the United Nations to invoke international sanctions against the Arabs states, to implement its decision concerning the establishment of Israel and to end bloodshed in the Holy Land,” the message added.