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Arabs Open Heavy Fire on Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem; Israeli Troops Alerted

Col. Moshe Dayan, commander of the Israeli forces in Jerusalem, today called upon all Jewish inhabitants here to be prepared for any unprovoked attacks by the Arab Legion. At the same time, he ordered Jewish troops to be ready “for any eventuality.”

The call by the Jewish military commander was issued following heavy shelling by Arab Legion guns directed at the Jewish-held Sheikh Jarach quarter, which resulted in the death of one Jewish woman. The Arab Legion today also attacked a Jewish convoy to Jerusalem carrying supplies under the supervision of United Nations observers. Two U.N. observers were wounded by the Arab fire.

The commander of the Jewish forces in Jerusalem simultaneously warned all members of the military forces not to sign any petition to the Israeli Government to make Jerusalem the Israeli capital. Such a petition is now being distributed among Jews in Jerusalem by the Irgun Zvai Leumi. Prof. Joseph Kleusner, who in the past has supported the Revisionists, broadcast today his withdrawal of support from the so-called “referendum” regarding the future of Jerusalem which the Irgun is now conducting in its petition collections.