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U.N. Headquarters Notified All Palestine Fronts Except Jerusalem Observing Truce

United Nations headquarters was informed today by U.N. truce control officials in Haifa that the Palestine truce is being enforced on all fronts with the exception of Jerusalem.

French delegate to the Security Council Alexandre Parodi, on route today to the Paris meetings of the U.N., issued a statement declaring that he is very optimistic on the possibility of an Arab-Jewish truce in Palestine. “Once war has stopped,” he said, “it is difficult to resume it.” British delegate Sir Alexander Cadogan, who left yesterday for Paris, told newsmen that the British Government is opposed to the admission of Israel to the United Nations as long as the situation in Palestine remains unchanged. Britain’s final attitude towards the question of the Jewish state’s membership application, he added, will be determined by future attempts to settle the Palestine conflict.