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Anti-semitic Agitation in Argentine Province Continuing; Daia Urged to Take Action

Anti-Semitic agitation in the province of Santa Fe is continuing, it was reported here today. According to informed circles here, the group chiefly responsible for the anti-Jewish propaganda now being fomented in Santa Fe is the “Movimiento Traditional Sindicalista,”

This organization, whose activities include the printing and distribution of leaflets castigating Dr. Chaim Weizmann in language similar to that used in the Nazi newspaper “Der Sturmer,” is composed of members who claim to follow the teachings of the Argentine dictator Rosas, who ruled about a century ago and who is generally regarded as the most reactionary despot ever to come to power in this country.

The official Zionist Federation paper, “The Jewish State,” today warned editorially that the anti-Jewish propaganda emanating from Santa Fe may spread to other sections of Argentina and urged the DAIA, central representative body of Argentine Jewry, to “face the situation with more energy.”