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Jerusalem Quiet Following Heavy Exchange of Fire; U.N. Blames Both Sides for Barrage

Jews and Arabs hammered each other for four hours along a four-mile Jerusalem front with cannon, mortars and machineguns last night–each blaming the other for starting the attack.

A communique issued by the Israeli Army here said: “Arab forces threw in practically their entire heavy armament in a concentrated bombardment of our positions. Despite this intensive barrage, only minor damage was caused to our property and one Israeli soldier was wounded. The fire was returned by our forces which shelled enemy gun emplacements and troop concentrations in the Old City, scoring a number of direct hits on key positions.”

U.N. observers said it was impossible to say who started it, but noted that “both sides sure got into it.” The city was quiet today and only occasional single shots were heard.

The trial of the two Britons charged with espionage activities, Frederick Sylvester and William Hawkins, reopened today before two judges, following the trial’s suspension, when the third panel member died of a heart attack last week.