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Anti-semitism in Germany Becoming Alarming, U.S. Polish-language Newspaper Reports

The growth of hatred among Germans toward DP’s in Germany and the threatening attitude of the Germans toward the Jewish and non-Jewish DP’s is reported in the Kurier Codzienny, local Polish-language daily.

“Examples of anti-Semitism and the German arrogance are very alarming,” the Kurier said. “Not only the Jews are frightened, but also the DP’s of other nationalities. Experience shows that after the Jews, others are attacked. It is evident that the dangerous disease, Nazism and Hitlerist racial doctrine is spreading.”

“It is still not too late to draw the proper conclusions from what is going on in Germany. Nor is it too late to take measures to calm the DP’s. It is an unquestionable fact that former criminals are again in office in Germany. If proper measures are not taken, the mass slaughters may be repeated,” the Kurier concluded.