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Last Minute News Israeli Government Circles Satisfied with United States Election Results

Israeli government circles today expressed to the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency their complete satisfaction with Truman’s election.

They pointed out that the Jews appreciate the pro-Israeli actions undertaken by Truman during his term of office–his support for the U.N. partition resolution, his demand immediately after the war for the admission of 100,000 Jews to Palestine, as well as similar actions–and expressed their confidence that the President will carry on with such actions now that he has been elected for a new term.

Election results were anxiously watched all day long by the man in the street. Telephones in all Israeli newspapers and at the “Voice of Israel” radio station were constantly busy answering inquiries on the U.S. elections.

President Chaim Weizmann sent a cable of congratulations to Truman reading: “I am most happy with the result of the elections. I respectfully offer my sincerest congratulations for a most successful term in office for the good of your country and humanity.”