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Israel Charges British Soldiers Enter Palestine to Aid Arabs; Asks U.N. Investigation

The Israeli Foreign Office today charged that British troops were entering Palestine from Transjordan. The charges were contained in a letter to Dr. Paul Mohn, member of the U.N. observation staff, who was asked to investigate.

The Israeli communication said that reports had reached Tel Aviv that “not inconsiderable” contingents of British troops had recently arrived in Transjordan and that it has been learned that some of them are already in Palestine. If the reports are accurate, the Israeli note said, Israel takes a “grave view” of the situation since it would constitute military intervention by a foreign power.

(In London the British War Office today denied the Israeli charges that British troops were entering Palestine from Transjordan to fight on the Arab side.)

In a second note, the Israeli Foreign Office charged that heavy shipments of arms and equipment of British manufacture, including all varieties of tanks, were recently unloaded at the ports of Aquaba, in Transjordan, and Basra and Khurran Shahr, in Iraq, for use of the Iraqi and other Arab forces. Referring to King Abdullah’s most recent speech from the throne, the note said that he boasted of the acquisition of an air force for Transjordan. Since that country never owned any planes, it must have acquired the air force during the truce and in direct contravention of the terms of the cease-fire, the note charged.