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Jews Who Fled Egypt to Italy Eligible for I.r.o. Aid; Tripolitanian Jews Excluded

The International Refugee Organization has agreed to classify as displaced persons number of Egyptian Jews who fled here from Cairo during the anti-Jewish pogroms there last year. They will be eligible for I.R.O. aid.

The decision by the I.R.O. was taken after the Jewish Refugee Organization in Italy intervened in the refugees’ behalf. Although the number of Jewish refugees from Egypt is reported to be in excess of 200, only a handful at this time have received DP classification from the I.R.0. The Jewish Refugee Organization hopes, however, that in time the remaining members of this group will receive the same status.

Meanwhile, all of the Jews who fled to Italy from Tripolitania as a result of anti-Jewish outbreaks in that area arising out of the Arab-Israeli conflict, have been declared ineligible for I.R.O. assistance on the grounds that they are Italian citizens who entered Italy legally. Since the number of Tripolitanian Jews in this country is increasing almost daily, their welfare is becoming a growing burden for the Joint Distribution Committee, which is attempting to have the I.R.O. reconsider its decision on the status of these Jews.