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Latvian Dp Suspected As Nazi by Hias Official is Cleared in “mistaken Identity” Case

Theodore Danilow, a Latvian DP who upon his arrival in this country was detained for questioning as a result of a statement by a HIAS pier service worker that he might, be a former Nazi agent in Riga, has been vindicated at a Department of Immigration hearing, it was reported today In a statement issued by the HIAS. The case was considered by immigration officials as one of “mistaken identity,” the statement declared.

It added that Simon Mirkin, the HIAS employee, who was an inmate of a Nazi concentration camp In Latvia, and another former displaced person, “merely asked for as investigation of Danilow when they recognized his name as that of a former Gestapo ran in Latvia,” Both appeared at the hearing held by the Department of Immigration follwing which Danilow vas permitted to enter this country.