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Rhodes Armistice Negotiations Reportedly Expected to Be Concluded by Freday

An Israeli source said today he thought the Palestine “peace conference” being held at Rhodes, under U.N. auspices, would be over by Friday, Reuters reported from Rhodes.

The general view in Rhodes is that the wide gap in opposing views about armistice lines is being bridged. The last phase in the negotiations was thought in conference circles to be the handing over today of acting mediator Ralph J. Bunche’s document summing up the position to the Israeli and Egyptian delegations. If there are setbacks the delegations will be invited together to Dr. Bunche’s room either tonight or tomorrow to draft an agreement based on the two points of view.

An Israeli courier took the “summing up” document to Tel Aviv today. Israeli representatives will probably wait until tonight to get instructions from Premier David Ben Gurion before giving their views, the British news service said. Dr. Bunche told reporters the document he had given both delegations had “several working papers designed to facilitate and expedite agreement.”